Aged Care Industry

“Had a call from …. they are impressed with the bin pads I gave them to trial. They have put a pad in one of the rooms and said that it is working.”

Gary Doherty
Customer Service Manager
Transpacific Industries Liquid Division
Transpacific Industries Group Ltd

“Salford Park says thank you!
Just a quick e mail to let you know that the odour pads you supplied are performing exceptionally well – we are impressed indeed!

As you know we trialed a number of the pads in high odour areas and we were amazed at how quickly and how well the odour pads worked – and the fact that the odour pads “keep on keeping on” 50% longer than the spray units we had been using.

No doubt you can recall the urine smell problem we had in one particular room – no matter what we tried the odour always returned within days. One pad placed on the front of the air conditioner totally eliminated the smell within 8 hours – and the room has remained odour free since then.

The cost saving over a twelve month period has been halved (compared to the costing of automatic spray units) which is another plus for us – especially when every dollar counts!

I am more than happy to recommend your product…Thanks once again…I can certainly say that you have helped us out immensely.”

SPNH Maintenance / Aevum Ltd. Senior Living Communities
Sidney, Australia


“I had a major mould problem in my walk-in wardrobe as it was off the main bathroom and had no ventilation. I put Vm3 Purefier Odour Control Pads in the walk-in wardrobe and within a matter of weeks the mould had completely gone!!

If you have a mould problem in your home you need to speak to Vm3 Purefier!!!”

Coogee, NSW

“Thank you for the sample pads. We have had them placed in a home that has been subject to flooding. The musty, mouldy odour commonly associated with flood damaged property has been completely removed.

We now wish to start talking to our insurance company clients about supplying pads as part of our support services to them in reinstating properties subject to water damage to remove these malodours.”

George Gialouris
General Manager
AusRestore Pty Limited

“My wife is your newest VM3 fan after using the product you gave for my piddling in the study dog! Please send 44 gallon drums of it!

Since then!

The wonderful thing is I think other than the nice smell and that it soaked up the pee and replaced the odorous urine smell in the room is he has since stopped piddling in the study altogether!

It’s a miracle! Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks!

Thanks again!”

Geoff Walker

“I have used Vm3 Purefier products with great success to remove the smell of cigarette smoke from the house and the smell of garbage from the waste bin. The results were excellent as all bad odours completely disappeared.”

San Souci, NSW

Waste Industry

“Thank you for the recent service Wheelie Bin Cleaning Man provided at Westfield Knox. As you’d be aware, your team cleaned and sanitised our waste compactors, co‐mingled recycling bins and used cooking oil tanks as well as installing the Vapour Odour Eliminator in the Brisbane La dock.

As usual the cleaning standard delivered was exceptionally high and the work was completed without disruption to centre operations. I am impressed with the Vapour Odour Eliminator that has transformed the Brisbane La waste room from an often foul smelling area into a space that is now free of any offensive odours. I think the real testament to the quality of this product was the transformation at Westfield Geelong in the waste chute room which was really quite amazing.

I look forward to continuing working with you to maintain the waste facilities at Westfield Knox. I can also let you know I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our other Victorian centres on your service.”

Daniel Boyle
Senior Facilities Manager
Westfield Knox

Hotel Industry

“We have now been using your Odour Control Pads in our various hotel kitchen waste facilities for some months. I have never been so pleased with the state of these waste facilities. They look and smell clean and any risk of malodour has been completely eliminated. This is an amazing product.”

Paul Jury
Group Executive Chef
JDA Hotels Group

“Thanks for the Vm3 Samples. We put them out in the hotel toilets which really had a terrible urine odour. Since we put the pads out a few days ago, we have already noticed a significant reduction in these odours.”

John Feros
JDA Hotels Pty Limited

Veterinary Industry

“Just a bit of feedback about our experience with Vm3 funeral mats that we have been using over the last 18 months.

We deal with a range of fresh and embalmed animal specimens that can produce some “interesting smells” at times, gastro-intestinal tracts tend to be the worst offenders.

We use the mats in two locations, firstly in our cool rooms to minimise the chemical smell build up from storage of our embalmed specimens, we use full mats on the walls of the cool room and replace them once every two weeks.

They do a great job of reducing chemical smells in our cool rooms.

Secondly we use the mats in our dissection lab to control malodour from the fresh frozen specimens, the mats are hung from overhead rails and are replaced regularly or once we notice smells in the lab again. Once again they do a wonderful job of controlling the smells in the lab. Staff, Students and visitors all comment on how pleasant it is to work in the lab.

Since using the Vm3 product we have also noticed a significant reduction in mould growth on our embalmed specimens which was a major problem before.

I whole heartily recommend the use of the Vm3 products to any funeral/anatomy situation where there is a need to have odour control in place.”

Gavin Burland
Scientific Officer
Faculty of Veterinary Science
University of Sydney

Animal Research Facility

“The Vm3 pads… decreased any unpleasant odours dramatically. The Vm3 product delivers a deodorising odour and did not appear to have any direct impact on the animal. Breeding continued as per normal.”

Dr. Lucie Nedved
Veterinary Manager
Garvan Institute

“We have trialed and are now commercially using Vm3 Purefier pads in our kennel area, laundry and waste bins. We have experienced a significant reduction in malodour in all of these areas as a result of their usage.

We have also trialed the Vm3 Purefier BFCC for controlling (absorbing)… urine, faeces and vomit and have found it to be effective…as well as eliminating the malodour.”

Dr. Andrew Herron
Randwick Veterinary Hospital, Australia

“We as an animal hospital have a constant problem with malodour. Vm3 Pureifer pads are a product which is very efficient in reducing this problem. We believe this to be a very reliable product with great potential for application where malodour and similar issues exist. Easily applied and basically unnoticed.”

Dani Blim. Head Nurse
Small Animal Specialist Hospital, Australia

Funeral Industry

“I want to thank you for the sample portion of product you sent for test purposes. I had the perfect opportunity to test the efficacy of the odour neutralizing component of the product. We had a severe decomposition case in the funeral home that caused the whole funeral home to smell badly. After putting the body in a temporary container to be sent to the crematory, I had to remove a pacemaker. Upon excising the pacemaker the smell got much worse as the gases were coming out of the incision. I poured the Vm3 in the incision and all over the body and it reduced the smell IMMEDIATELY!  I went from almost losing my lunch to a pleasant smell literally in seconds. I want to thank you for the sample and look forward to using the product in our funeral home.”

John H. Smith II
Funeral Home Manager
Mount Olivet Funeral Home & Cemetery

Removal of bodies from Christmas Island

A Kenyon Deployment

“At this point I also have to thank Stuart Godwin for supplying us with his miracle product Vm3. If you have not tried this odour containment/neutralizing product do so very soon. You won’t regret it.

Because of the time required to travel to Christmas Island, and for permissions and certificates to effect the transfer, the victims had become malodorous to the extent that the police station had a very pungent odour. The odour was so strong it was evident a distance away from the police station in the business district of the local community.

We started putting Vm3 pouches all around the station and the police were thrilled with how efficient they were in neutralizing the odour.

The primary use of Vm3 pouches was inside the coffins prior to sealing and placement into the clean container.

Three days after we had completed all the cases for transport, the container was opened and there was zero odour.”

Alex Nelson J.P MBIE MAIE
Master Funeral Director (AFDA)
BIE Australasian Division

“I arrived at the funeral home one morning to discover that we had effected the transfer of a very badly decomposed gentleman for the police over the weekend in our primary transfer vehicle. The characteristic foul smell was still highly noticeable even ten feet away, despite everything having been cleaned and disinfected.

In that moment we received a call about a transfer from a family home for a gentleman who had died in the night, whom the family wanted transferred immediately. This family was known to us and would certainly accompany the deceased out to the van and our second transfer vehicle was unavailable.

In desperation, I added a series of the Vm3 waste bin pads about the interior of the van and was pleasantly surprised when, upon opening the back door to remove the stretcher after arriving at the family home, I could no longer smell anything other than the faint, pleasant odour of Vm3. It was a proverbial life-saver!”

Duncan Norris
Mortuary Manager
Kenton Ross Funerals, Australia

“One of my clients wanted to pass on his thanks.

They had a very difficult case recently and they used a bottom mat (on the bottom and top) of the deceased who had been in the water for three days. The family ended up asking them to reopen the casket to obtain a small piece of hair for them to keep and he was expecting the worse, but when they opened the casket, there was no odour and he tells me his nose is not affected by mortuary nose, so he would know.”

Jennie O’Neill
Final Touch, Australia

“BFCC…is an excellent product…I don’t know what we did before, but I cannot see us not having it in stock.”

Jacquie Lakner
Member Australian Institute of Embalming
Mortuary Manager, Seasons Funerals, Australia

“This case presented mortuary staff with an oderous problem which could contaminate other bodies in their care. It was decided to test the sample Vm3 Purifier pads.

Basic preparation was performed, then the body was placed in a coffin on top of the moisture absorbent Vm3 pads. The ‘Top pads’ were then placed over the body and the coffin lid secured. The coffin was placed in the coolroom overnight. On entering the mortuary and opening the coolroom, there was NO ODOUR evident! Vm3 Purifier had not only controlled the odour in the putrified case BUT had also eliminated the residual odours in the coolroom! This provides an effective solution to an unpleasant problem.”

Adelaide Funeral Home
Adelaide, Australia

“Control of malodour and fumes has always presented a challenge to the funeral, health and other industries. Answers have been sought over decades, but solutions seem mainly to only cover up (mask) the problem.

The introduction of Vm3 PUREFIER is a very welcome development.

Vm3 PUREFIER is effective, easy and pleasant to use in a variety of situations. It not only gets to the source of odours, but helps with sanitation and moisture absorption in the process. Vm3 PUREFIER is made for safety in use and environmental friendliness.

I have worked in the funeral industry for nearly 30 years as a funeral consultant, embalmer and mortuary manager, also assisting with education, training and assessing. Whilst we have a supply of very good mortuary and embalming chemicals in Australia, the Vm3 PUREFIER products are the best I have found for odour control. Vm3 PUREFIER has many applications.”

Peter Edwards
Member Aust. Inst. of Embalming
Mortuary Manager, Harrison Funerals