How does it work?

Vm3 Purefier has two types of products. Odor eliminators for air treatment and fluid absorbers for liquids. Each product contains a blend of minerals, polymers and essential oils. Depending on what we are trying to achieve with a particular product, the amounts of each ingredient will change.

As odor eliminators, Vm3 products are founded on the understanding that all odors, whether they be chemical or from decomposition, move around the air on moisture (or water). If you can control the movement of water in the air, you can control odors. All Vm3 products will absorb water from the air, and along with it the odors and other particulates.

The Odor Neutralizing Complex is a blend of essential oils which are released from the product as a micromist. The oils bind and eliminate any odor they come into contact with.

The oils do have a pleasant smell to them, this is a positive side effect of using Vm3, it is not directly related to how the products work.

As a fluid absorber, Vm3 Purefier will absorb large amounts of fluids and eliminate any odors associated with the fluid.

Vm3 Purefier is recommended for the removal of malodors, moisture and other particulate matter including from urine, faeces, sweat, putrescent decay of cadavers, deceased animals and foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, nicotine and tobacco smoke, waste bins, medical waste and most other problem odorous materials.

Removal of this matter helps improve the quality of life through creating a more pleasant workplace or home.

Vm3 Purefier products capture and eliminate malodor. Vm3 Purefier is not a masking agent.