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    Vm3 Zero is a simple and inexpensive solution to the age old problem of odours. It does more than cover up or mask bad smells; it actually binds and captures malodour and odour forming bacteria and fungi and any particulates in air. Vm3 Zero is an earth and mineral based relative humidity device predicated on the understanding that malodorous and volatile molecules in the air are carried on water molecules and that most malodours are of microbial origin. It is based on innovative technology for the control of moisture, malodour, microbial growth and proliferation of volatiles in air. There is selective binding, neutralisation and deodorisation of low molecular weight volatiles and co-incidental release of higher molecular weight terpenoid volatiles. These are both static to bacteria, fungi and other particulate material and effectively neutralise any residual malodour.
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    One spray, one wipe, no streaks, no marks – just clean and shineJust as effective on most other surfaces.
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    200 grams Used to control body fluid moisture and malodour and to capture body fluid spills. They also capture chemical vapours.