Vm3 Purefier products are designed primarily for use in enclosed spaces or through which air is passed.

Products available for domestic and industrial applications

VM3 Surface Spray

One spray, one wipe, no streaks, no marks –  just clean and shineJust as effective on most other surfaces

  • Deodorise and clean using a mineral product
  • Organically based ingredients, non toxic chemicals and safe to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • Treats unpleasant odours including food, cooking, wine, faeces, garbage, smoke, fires, decomposition of animal and vegetable matter, water damage, animal areas and most other problem odours
  • For maximum effect use in conjunction with VM3 PUREFIER ODOUR CONTROL PADS to achieve positive long term results.

Vapor Odor Eliminator

Odour Control Pads

For use in aged care facilities, hospitals, veterinary practices, restaurants, toilet facilities, waste bins, hotel rooms, waste rooms, for the control of moisture malodor and volatiles. Areas with a very high “malodor load” may require additional pads, more frequent application of pads or a tailor made product.

For smaller applications, single pads can be used just about anywhere to control these same problems. These pads can be applied in household bins, food scrap bins, wardrobes, under sinks and in cupboards, over cat litter trays, shoes, refrigerators, boats and caravans, to control paint, petrol and cigarette odors. They may be used almost anywhere where there is a moisture or malodor problem. They also capture chemical vapours.

BFCC (Body Fluid Control Compound)

Used to control body fluid moisture and malodour and to capture body fluid spills. They also capture chemical vapours.

Moisture Control Compound

For use in the clean up of body fluids such as vomit, urine, blood and faeces. Cover problem area with bulk powder and allow powder to soak up fluid. Sweep up and dispose of powder.  Simultaneously captures and eliminates malodor.

Moisture Control Pads

Vm3 Purefier can be designed and manufactured to capture and retain moisture (rather than release the moisture and ONC).  This is applicable for applications such as controlling container rain, moisture in show cabinets for stamp collections, scientific specimens, etc. Independent laboratory testing shows these  products to be 30 times more effective in capturing moisture  than Silica Gel. They can be used anywhere there is significant moisture build up including for example communication and computer hubs.

Paint Spill Compound

For the cleanup of paint spills. Cover paint spill with bulk powder and allow powder to soak up paint. Sweep up the powder and dispose of in a bin. An independent laboratory report on Vm3 Paint Spill is available.

Chemical Spill Compound

For clean up of chemical spills.  Two products are available, for acid spills and non-acid spills.  Application is same as for Paint Spill Compound.

Fire and Water Restoration

Vm3 Purefier products have shown to be very effective in the capture and removal of moisture, fungus and mouldy smell left behind after the initial clean up from floods or fire. They are also very effective in removing the burnt smell after a fire has been extinguished.

Products available for the Funeral Industry

Funeral Mats

A set of one “Top” pad and one “Bottom” pad used in caskets and body bags. These pads have been designed to supplement embalming and reduce Formaldehyde odors, moisture and malodor or for the use in situations where embalming is not practised or possible. Particularly useful for medical schools, long term storage, badly decomposed bodies, long distance transport and disaster recovery situations. They also capture chemical vapours

Funeral Mini Mats

Similar to Funeral Mats but smaller and more economical for day to day use in more normal situations.They also capture chemical vapours

BFCC (Body Fluid Control Compound)

For internal use in cadavers to control body fluid moisture and malodour and to capture body fluid spills. They also capture chemical vapours.

Weeping Oedema Pads

For the control of Weeping Oedema in deceased persons by drying up wounds, slowing decomposition and malodor.